Sunday, September 14, 2008

A New Adventure

We'll be leaving soon to set up shop in Silver Dollar City for two weeks. Terrie and I both have mixed emotions about this. Being in one location, setting up and tearing down only once, will be nice. Talking with people visiting Silver Dollar City will be nice. I've never actually created and worked with an audience, though, so this will be a totally new experience. And of course, we do not know what to expect as far as sales. With a big show in St. Louis immediately following, we don't want to sell out. Yet, we do want to sell as many items as possible. Talk about inner conflict! So if you are out and about, come see us in our 1800's costumes. It should be fun.

The show at the Cedarhurst Art Museum in Mt. Vernon, IL, was a good one. The coordinators treat the artists very nicely. Big crowds browse and buy throughout the weekend. The nicest moment came from a local photographer. He bought a feeder last year and came back to our booth this year to add to his "collection". He takes a lot of graduation pictures, and he said our feeders in the background add to the ambiance. Wow. What a nice thing to hear.

On the home front, we're still waiting on the contractor to finish up a few little things. The new carpet will be the next big project. That is a matter of having the time at home to have the house torn up for a couple of days. Right now we just don't have the time to be unhooking and unplugging and moving furniture when we need to be getting ready for the upcoming shows. Ah well..............eventually. Watching the footage of the destruction caused by Hurricane Ike makes our earlier storm damage pale in comparison. Our hearts go out to all those affected.

Hummingbird fact for today: Hummingbirds have about 1,500 feathers.

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