Thursday, May 28, 2009

Supplies for Birds and Blooms Article

My article for Birds and Blooms was somewhat edited, which is the magazine's perogative and I have no complaints with that. I am, however, sorely disappointed that my by-line was omitted from the printed version. I received a call here at home this week from a reader in Michigan who had somehow tracked me down from my by-line on the electronic article. She was unable to locate a rubber stopper/feeding tube assembly for her project. My supply source was one of the sections that was edited. So although they are probably available from a number of sources, here is the one I am most familiar with:

She also had some problems locating the right gauge copper wire. She finally un-stranded some stranded wire, which was an excellent solution. I'm flattered that she was determined to complete her project and tracked me down. I hope this link helps others. And in case you missed the article, it's

Sure enough, it rained in St. Louis last weekend. And it rained here at the Lake of the Ozarks, too. Quite a bit of Missouri has seen quite enough rain for a while! The forecast for this weekend is excellent and will hopefully bring lots of visitors to the Missouri Artisan Festival on Saturday at Les Bourgeois Vineyards and Winery in Rocheport.

Hummingbird fact for today: Despite the predominance of certain hues in hummingbird-pollinated flowers, color is far less important in determining a bird’s “favorite” nectar source than the quantity and quality of the nectar.

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