Friday, May 22, 2009

What's Up With the Weather?

We were in Hermann last weekend for Maifest and we couldn't set up on Friday night because of storms. We're supposed to be in St. Louis on Monday. Our first time trying Gypsy Caravan. And they're calling for storms and rain, both on Sunday (set up day) and Monday (sales day). It rained on us in Springfield. This is getting old. How is a person supposed to make a living if it's raining? People don't come out shopping; you're worried about your tent blowing away; your products get wet. Give me indoor shows!!!!

Terrie is finally trying to get the painting done. This needs to be done as a result of the new ceilings that were put in, that were a result of the trees falling on the house almost a year ago. She's changing the color scheme. I guess it's a good time to do that. She says nothing has been painted since they moved in years and years ago. But now she's years and years older (sh, don't tell her I said that) and she's not as nimble on the ladder as she once was. As long as she's careful and doesn't get hurt, she can take as much time as she needs to get the job done. I'd help, but she said no - it's HER project.

We're still enjoying our Baltimore and orchard orioles. They sure go through the grape jelly! And the hummers are almost constant visitors at their feeders.

Went to see Star Trek yesterday. It was a fun movie. Probably won't win any Academy Awards or anything, but still fun.

Hummingbird fact for today: Digestion of nectar is amazingly rapid and efficient. The liquid passes entirely through the digestive system in less than 20 minutes, during which time the gut can extract virtually all of the sugars.

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