Thursday, February 18, 2010

That's for the Birds!

If you haven't been to Song Bird Station in Columbia, MO, PLEASE stop by. This store has absolutely EVERYTHING you can imagine for your backyard feathered friends and a lot of items to enjoy in your garden. The assortment of items is outstanding -- and all in one place! And if you're starting to think about the hummers returning, we're pleased to say that the store also has Ozarklake functional garden art :-) They have all kinds of activities, too. Check out the website at You can shop online, too!

When in Algoma, Wisconsin, stop by The Flying Pig Gallery and Greenspace. Or visit This gallery has a fine selection of creative works by creative people (including Ozarklake) and is a great way to while away some time.

For a complete list of retail locations that offer Ozarklake Distinct Decor art, visit

Hummingbird fact for today: For all their familiarity, hummingbirds have proven to be frustrating subjects for scientific study. Their small size and nonsocial habits make direct observation difficult and challenging.