Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's a New Year

The beginning of a new year means just one thing around here - only four and a half months until hummingbird season at Lake of the Ozarks! For now we're feeding and enjoying the winter birds.

We're beginning to get a show schedule worked out for 2015. Of course, we have to wait to get juried in to some we hope to do. In other cases, we're waiting on information from the people organizing some shows we hope to do. The ones we are sure of at this point have been updated in the list to the right.

The season for us will start in February at the Home and Garden Expo in Omaha, NE. We did an art festival in Omaha a number of years ago and sales were fantastic. We're hoping for that same kind of response this time, although the crowd will be different. Hopefully Old Man Winter won't dump a lot of snow or ice so that we can get there and back safely.

We stumbled upon four of the little red Avon strawberry bottles. This is what they look like now. I'm exceptionally pleased with this one. Somewhere out there is a buyer who wants this in their garden or on their patio. We just have to find that special person!

Polar air is moving in. Keeping warm this week will be the big challenge. Guess we'll just have hunker down and play in the copper and glass.

Hummingbird fact for today: Safe nesting material you can provide for hummers includes clean pet hair, short lengths of white or light-colored wool yarn, natural wool fleece, natural cotton or wool batting, and down salvaged from worn-out garments or comforters.