Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wonderful Vacation

We travel a lot but usually we are in the van and toting inventory, the tent, weights, etc. So we decided it was time for a trip with no selling involved. We drove to Ft. Lauderdale and boarded a cruise ship headed south. We stopped in Aruba, Curacao, Panama, and Costa Rico. The highlight of the trip was our transit of the Panama Canal, from the Atlantic side to the Pacific side. I highly recommend Tours by Locals if you want to see a new location through the eyes of someone who lives there and not just the touted tourist attractions.

Our new season will begin in March, with stops in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. All we have to do is wait out the coldest part of the year here in Missouri. And take care of all those niggling appointments with doctors, eye doctors, dentists, etc.

The Hummingbird Society will host another Hummingbird Festival in August which we will again attend, with a stop at the High Desert Arts Festival in Eagle Nest, NM, along the way. We're still waiting to hear where we will be for the rest of the show season.

Hummingbird fact for today: Sightings of vagrant Rufous hummingbirds are increasingly being reported throughout the southeastern US in winter with hummingbird banders capturing dozens of birds each winter.