Monday, April 26, 2010

Pictures of New Items

My pictures arrived this weekend. Thank you Don! Don does a GREAT job with art pictures. He understands art and his pictures reflect this. You can find Don at Casper Photoworks.

So anyway, new items this year include birdbaths utilizing repurposed glass dishes, bowls, and platters. And something I've been thinking about for quite a while - copper shepherd's crooks. Both of these items required a bit of engineering within the copper art element. I'm rather pleased with the results.

It's only Monday, so let's hope the weatherman's dire predictions for next weekend's Artsfest on Walnut Street in Springfield, MO, are totally wrong!

Still not too much activity at the hummingbird feeders. And no sign of an oriole yet. But we've got our feeders ready and our fingers crossed!

Hummingbird fact for today: After feeding, a hummingbird may extend its tongue completely several times, an action that helps clear nectar residue from the mouth and also allows the remarkable length of the tongue to be seen.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hurray! I saw a hummingbird!

Yep. Was out on the front porch yesterday late afternoon and I heard that familiar sound. He zipped in to the feeder, which was only about a foot away from me. We chatted for a bit, he drank for a bit, and he zipped off. So at least one scout is here. More will, hopefully, follow.

We were at the Greater St. Louis Association's Art Fair at Queeny Park this past weekend. Sales were down a bit from last year, but overall it was a good show. It's indoors, and the weather outside was perfect. There may have been some people who didn't come because of that. Oh well. Things happen. The people that came out saw some fantastic, incredible art.

Next thing up is Artsfest on Walnut Street in Springfield, MO, May 1-2. Followed by Mayfest in Tulsa, OK, May 13-16. We're so excited to be back in both of these shows!

My items are now available in Santa Fe, NM, at Quiquiri. The Flying Pig in Algoma, WI, has new items and Christa's in Lakewood, NY, will soon have new items.

Hummingbird fact for today: Sugar water is more perishable than seed, and feeders should be cleaned and refilled with fresh solution every two to three days.