Monday, July 2, 2012

Made in Missouri Juried Exhibit

Silver Dollar City (SDC) in Branson, MO, has a strong commitment to Missouri artists and artisans. Each fall during the Harvest Festival, a variety of Best of Missouri Hands (BOMH) juried artists are invited to demonstrate their craft during the Festival. I have participated for a number of years and thoroughly enjoy my time at Silver Dollar City.

Cascade in Blue
 Last year, SDC expanded its support of Missouri artists and artisans with its Made in Missouri Exhibit. This special exhibit showcased some of the finest work by BOMH juried artists as determined by judges who selected participating pieces from submitted applications. The 2012 Harvest Festival will once again feature the Made in Missouri Exhibit in the Frisco Barn, with visiting BOMH artisans demonstrating along the perimeter of the Exhibit. There are $5,000 in awards to be given with judging by the leadership of Herschend Family Entertainment, parent company of SDC, the leadership team of SDC and the general public.

I am humbled and honored that my submission, Cascade in Blue, has been accepted to be a part of this year's Made in Missouri Exhibit.
Dates for the Harvest Festival at Silver Dollar City are September 13 - October 27, 2012.
Hummingbird fact for today: To keep their feathers in top shape, hummingbirds will leaf-bathe by fluttering against wet leaves.