Monday, December 31, 2007

The Eve of a New Year

I must confess that I'm a Discovery channel junkie. I've seen every Deadliest Catch show several times over, and I watched them again yesterday when Discovery did their marathon. It was a pleasant diversion as I cut out and crimped a few hundred copper leaves in anticipation of making my copper and glass art items. My wife worked on applications for art shows we'd like to do in 2008. Our family doesn't seem to understand that we can't plan our schedule because it is dependent on our acceptance into the shows we apply to. It's such an iffy business, this arts and crafts thing. But it's great fun! Thanks for stopping by. Here's the hummingbird fact for today:

Hummingbird legs are very short and nearly useless. They cannot walk in the common sense and most often will become airborne even to turn around on a perch.

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