Monday, February 4, 2008

Bah! Groundhogs!

Everyone is saying that the groundhog saw his shadow, which means there are six more weeks of winter. But guess what? If the groundhog DIDN'T see his shadow, spring would arrive on March 20! The good news in this is that hummingbirds will return to Missouri in just about 10 weeks, and to states and provinces north of Missouri within a couple of weeks after that. With the Springfield Lawn and Garden Show next week, we're getting antsy for spring. The weather doesn't seem to know what it should do, either. Today, high near 70 with rain storms moving in, and snow accumulating Tuesday night. Good grief!

Hummingbird fact for today: Hummingbirds are assigned to their own family under the Linnaeus system of classification – Trochilidae – from the Greek trochilos, small bird.

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