Monday, June 23, 2008

I Admit It - I'm Addicted

I did not really recognize how addicted I have become until I had no internet connection last week. Living out in the boonies, we have been totally ignored by AT&T so we have no DSL. I'm not even sure who the latest purchaser of the cable service in this area is, but there is no cable internet either. The big company on the other side of the Lake can't come in here because somehow this area was "deeded" to this little outfit that sold to a bigger outfit that sold to a bigger outfit, etc., etc. So we depend on Wildblue for satellite service. Unfortunately, the dish was on the roof. In the normal course of putting on an entire new roof, the dish was moved. It took four days to get a repairman out here and we were like babies who have lost their pacifiers. I felt totally cut off from civilization without my email and internet news. It was terrible!

Hummingbird fact for today: Changes in the climate and the numbers of hummer-friendly gardens in the US have helped to extend the range and duration of hummingbirds.

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