Friday, January 29, 2010

The Winter Blah's

This time of year is rather uneventful. Oh, we're creating items daily in anticipation of spring shows, but with the gray skies and cold temperatures there's just not much going on. This is when we start feeling the "road trip itch".

We'll be scratching that itch in a few weeks. We'll be in Dallas for Artscape at the Arboretum in March. In fact, I just learned that several Missouri artists will be there! Check it out at Skip and Racheal Matthews create wonderful copper art that comes to life with colors created by heat. Steve and Susie Hoskinson create amazing hot air balloons from lightbulbs. And Suzette Nesbitt creates stunning jewelry. We're looking forward to seeing these friends and fellow artists in Dallas.

Hummingbird fact for today: Despite their diminutive size and high metabolism, hummingbirds can have surprisingly long life spans. Three to five years is average but some banded birds have lived as long as twelve years.

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