Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The King of His Realm

A customer and fellow hummer fanatic managed to capture the personality/attitude of the male Ruby-throated hummingbird regarding HIS feeder. This photo is published here with permission of the photographer, Cam Schutte, Kansas City, MO. Thanks, Cam, for sharing!

Cam and his wife Shirley are prime examples of how easy it is to fall victim to the charm of the Ruby-throated hummingbird. We met them at an art show a few years ago. They knew there were hummers in their area, but they had never had a feeder. They purchased one, followed our tips, and soon were enchanted by the amazing creatures. They added another feeder a year or so later so that Cam could enjoy watching them from his home office. They stop by to visit every time we do an art show in their area - not to purchase another feeder but to share their new-found infatuation with the little charmers. They are now almost as smitten as we are. And thankfully, Cam is a much better photographer than I am!

We are shipping orders to two new wholesale locations, and shipping more items to an established customer. Thanks to The Flying Pig in Algoma, WI, for the re-order. New retail locations are Bear Creek Cafe & Gift Shop in Bear Creek, PA. And Wolfe Gallery in Deland, FL.

The last outdoor show this season for us is this coming weekend. The Festival of the Little Hills in St. Charles, MO, draws an attendance of over 100,000. The hours are long and the weather is supposed to be hot and humid. We're just keeping our fingers crossed that there is no rain!

After we get home from St. Charles, we'll put away all of our "modern" display and start gathering everything we use in our booth in the 1890's setting of Silver Dollar City, the home of American craftsmanship, in Branson. The National Harvest Festival runs Sept. 11-Oct. 30. If you've ever wanted to visit Silver Dollar City, this is the time to do it! Literally hundreds of artisans are on site with their amazing handcrafted items, including over 50 Best of Missouri Hands Juried Artists.

Hummingbird fact for today: The 17 species of hummingbirds that have bred in the United States and Canada represent approximately 5 percent of the world's hummingbird species.

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