Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Item - A Hummingbird ONEsie

This is without a doubt the handiest little hummingbird feeder I've created. The copper coil holds one nectar tube and attaches to any window. I always test my ideas for functionality and these pictures are proof positive that hummers have no trouble finding the feeders and are delighted with them. I put a couple of these on the doors of the studio and hummers found them within just a few minutes. The hummers don't even seem to be bothered as we move around inside. These little feeders provide an opportunity for great close-up photos, too. Feeder activity is especially busy as they are trying to double their body weight before heading south. We sure will miss them!

We've been trying to get new carpet in for over two years - ever since the trees fell into the house and we had the roof and ceiling re-done. Now that we finally have all of Ozarklake's "stuff" moved to the studio, this project is moving along. What a hassle! Especially since we're having all the floors repaired as we go so they won't squeak anymore (the sub-flooring was originally installed wrong). After the great job they did on the studio, we're having Powell Construction do this project for us, too. We've been with these guys so much for so long that they feel like part of the family!

Heading off to Branson soon to set up shop at Silver Dollar City. We've lined up some holiday season shows for November and December. Then we'll spend some time just recuperating from a very busy summer.

Hummingbird fact for today: The drought in Texas may affect the hummingbird migration.

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