Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hummer Population is Growing Around Here

We were gone 6 days for the Dogwood Festival in Huntington, WV. Before we left, we had counted 4 males and 3 females at the feeders.Our good neighbor kept the feeders maintained while we were gone. Now that we are home, we are beyond the "counting" phase because there is just no way to keep track of all the visitors now. Yeehaw! Summer will be fun again this year!

Many customers ask us how the copper on our feeders weathers. The patina that copper develops is a protective coating - copper doesn't rust away like steel. The green development depends upon both the alloy in the copper and the air quality. Now that we have cleaner air, the green takes longer to develop. This feeder, which has been in use for about 5 years, is developing some really nice green.

While we were in West Virginia, we went to Blenko Glass in Milton. Exquisite color, skilled craftsmen, and imaginative designs have made Blenko famous in the time-honored craft of hand-blown glass. Unfortunately, they are also one of just a handful of such craftsmen left in WV. Because the glass is handblown, mistakes are sometimes made. What is a "mistake" for Blenko, however, can become a beautiful Ozarklake feeder. And in the near future, we will have some of these gorgeous feeders available for sale!

On another note, once again we are contemplating the pets that have been affected by this rash of storms that traveled through places we are familiar with. The human suffering in places like Canton, TX (tornado), and West Plains, MO (flooding), is unfathomable to most of us and many organizations are helping the human victims. But humans at least understand what has happened. Pets cannot comprehend why they are separated from their families, why they can't find their home, why their world is now topsy-turvy. We have learned that the West Plains Regional Shelter, a no-kill shelter which was already struggling financially, has suffered structural damage from the flooding to add to their problems as they take in pets misplaced by the flood waters. If you are so moved, the address is 1438 Hwy BB, West Plains, MO 65775. It appears, from what we can find online, that Nicholas Pet Haven has taken a prominent role in rescuing and harboring pets misplaced by the Texas tornadoes. Their address is 12903 State Highway 155 S, Tyler, Texas 75703.

To end this on a happier note, here are some pix of the hummers on the front porch today. Note the two females sharing at the one feeder.

Hummingbird fact for today: Hummingbirds have 1,000-1,500 feathers, the fewest number of feathers of any bird species in the world.

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