Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It Truly Is a Small World

Last week at Art in the Garden at Wenwood Farm Winery, I ran into the people who were the previous owners of the house I owned in Troy, Missouri. The wife was also one of my daughter's teachers. Turns out that she is the sister of one of the other artists at the show.

This past weekend in Denton, TX, we visited with a couple from Lebanon, Missouri. Lebanon is about 30 miles south of us. They were in Denton to visit their grandson, a student at the University of North Texas. They bought a feeder and we all had a chuckle about the distance involved for that sale. We also visited with a pleasant young man who is a 1994 graduate of School of the Osage here at the Lake. I worked for School of the Osage for a time and this young man went to school with the teacher there, LJ Weeks, that I worked with. We also visited with a Denton police officer that my wife knows through her previous work. He plays tenor sax in one of the jazz bands that performed. It truly is a small world.

The weather threatened to turn ugly in Denton, but it never did thank goodness. And tons of people enjoyed this tremendous festival. Now for a little bragging. I was honored to be awarded an Honorable Mention ribbon for my art and my booth.

Come by and visit us this weekend at Artfest on Walnut Street in Springfield, Missouri.

Hummingbird fact for today: Hummers’ wing bones are fused into a stiff paddle, enabling them to hover.

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