Monday, April 14, 2008

It's Supposed to be Spring!

As if the weather in Missouri hasn't been weird enough this year what with ice storms and monsoon rains and flooding, now we have a freeze! Again. We had a freeze in April last year and it wiped out all the budding flowers and fruit crops. Here we go again......... Last year's late freeze sort of confused the bird population. People were seeing birds in their yard that they had never seen before. All because their normal food was destroyed and they were out searching for new sources. So maybe we'll have the same thing again and we'll get to see some new types of birds.

My wife decided to go back to college and complete the degree she didn't complete 30 plus years ago. She's mostly taken classes online. She'll finish up next month provided she gets at least a C in Algebra. Yes, after years of not using Algebra she decided she could do that online. I'll give her an A for effort - she's really worked at understanding it. She didn't do as well as she thought she had done on the midterm, and now she's preparing for the final. She's always got her nose stuck in the book or working out the sample test problems. She's gotten A's in all her other classes. I have to admit that she's doing things in Algebra that even I don't understand. If the instructor knew how much effort she's putting into it, she'd get an A for effort!

Hummingbird fact for today: The tip of a hummer’s tongue is fringed. The length of the tongue is rolled into two tubes and will extend past their bill to a distance about equal to the length of the bill.

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